S3Ep6: The End

Could this be the end of the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau?

Ian and our merry band of creatives have been called to the Chairman’s office, this can’t be good?  Will the plug be pullled?  Will they all be made to reapply for their jobs?  Will the coffee machine ever get fixed?  All may be revealed in this thrilling finale to series 3.  Or something.

Elsewhere, Lennard and Darby are trying to diffuse the situation, Helen and Ian are struggling with information overload and Derek takes an unappreciated call.  Meanwhile, poor Tim can’t seem to get the wording right and Live Tweeting takes on a whole new level.

Don’t miss the final episode of 4am CAB… or you’ll have to buy the Boxset. The end is Nigh, or is that near?


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