S1Ep6: Ghosts

The last 4amcab of Series 1. Or is it?

Sarah and Steve have a hot tip off.  They head to a secret location in the hope of spotting a real life ghost hunter.  Will they find their target?  Will they get that 12 part TV series?  Will Steve grow a pair?

Meanwhile, the 4amcab Pathology lab have a double homicide to deal with, Derek is off to save a tabby cat in a tricky spot and Mairead continues to rebuild her life after that messy divorce from ex-husband Martin.

In and amongst we have the usual selection of 4am ads, offers, scams and backwater cable channels for your delectation.

The last 4amcab (penultimate, really – watch this space) is here.

Would anybody ‘like’ a sandwich?

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