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It’s been somewhat quiet on the 4amcab website this year and that’s partly because of Rachel’s crazy plan.

Well, excuses aside, the gears have been turning and very soon you will start to see the fruit (mixed metaphors allowing).  I thought it might be interesting to share what has been going on and fill you in on the plan for the rest of the summer, with the forthcoming release of series 3.

This time around, I decided to try things a little bit differently.  With previous series we had found that the conveyor belt of writing, script editing, recording, editing and releasing (then starting all over again on the next episode) was a difficult one to maintain.  Something had to change to make the project more manageable.  I decided that for the third series I wanted everything to be written before I began the recording.  The good news is, that’s nearly done.

Right now, at time of writing this, there are just a handful of sketches to complete.  Next week I will be recording the first three episodes followed up with another recording session of the second half of the series.

So the big news is, I’ll release a short tease for the new series on 1st July and then two weeks later, on 15th July, the first episode will come out.  As all the writing and recording for the series will be in the bag, this means I’ll release the rest of the series weekly.  You’ll be able to hear all six episodes by the middle of August.  Phew!

CALENDARThe final bit of 4amcab news, for the moment, is that I’m hoping to have a few new voices on the show.  More on that shortly.

Set your podcatcher to stun* and get ready for the 1st July.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride**.



*automatic download
**no, it won’t

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Series 3 Submission Window – OPEN!

The window for submitting your work for consideration for 4amcab Series 3 is now officially… open!


This time round we’re looking for lot’s of really short sketches so we can get as much into each episode as possible.  The other key difference is that we’re asking for sketches on a theme.  Each episode will have it’s own theme into which all the sketches will relate.  We will retain the central storyline concept too, so there’s opportunity to write a longer sitcom style story for each theme.

Those themes are as follows:

The End
and The Future

The deadline for entries is Sunday 2nd March 2014 at midnight.

Send your sketches into us at the usual email address:

More details can be found on the Write for 4amcab page of this website.

Good luck and get writing!

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S2Ep5: Waaaahhhh!

The birds and bees are still asleep but Lisa is feeling the pressure, literally.  Mike is in denial about becoming a father, which is not what the situation calls for, so he’s put in charge of organising a cab to the hospital.  That’s going to go well then.

Meanwhile, Svetlana has all but given up on love and Derek & Merrick take to the skies.  We launch a brand new make over show, Changing You with Marcelle & Dave and learn what it’s really like to be a professional Voice Over Voice Over-er.  And if you’ve ever wanted to quit smoking, we have just the product for you.

Another installment of 4amcab comes kicking and screaming into the world.

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Send us your stuff!

We’re half way through Series 2 now, so we thought it’s the perfect time to re-open our inbox and ask if you’ve got anything to send us for the show.  We are not going to set a deadline but we record the next two episodes on Monday 15th July, so you’ve got less than two weeks to make it into the next two shows.  The final episode of the series will be recorded in September, so don’t worry if you’ve got nothing right now.

So what do we want?  The current run has taken on a pattern and what we want is the following:

4 x story scenes (set at 4am)
2 x adverts
2 x stand alone character sketches

If you’ve not listened to the show before, then it’s vital that you do.  We get a lot of stuff we can’t use which is too dark/offensive/sexually explicit/too long/not funny, so try to write something that would easily fit into a previous episode. You can listen to a lot of our sketches on

Have a look at our writer’s guidelines to give you more information about writing for the show.  Send your scripts to us at the following email address:

We credit everyone who writes for us and it’s a great opportunity to have your work professionally produced, so do get in touch.  Ask us a question on twitter too, if you like.

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Find us on Facebook

4amcab is proud to present our shiny new Facebook page. We’ll be posting frequent updates on the progress of episodes, plus a bundle of other 4am goodness.

We’re also canvassing opinion on a number of topics from our Facebook friends, and may even incorporate some of your ideas into sketches.

So ‘like’ us and join the conversation, you might find yourself appearing in a future podcast! Click here to get involved.

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