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We’re a liberal bunch here at 4amcab and as such we’d like to tell you about a couple of our favourite podcasts, that we have nothing to do with.  Some nay sayers might say, “Nay, they are your competition for listeners!” but the way we see it is that if we tell you about them and you enjoy them, then we’ll get that nausiating smug feeling and karma might come into play.  I’d like to tell you about two shows that are quite similar to the sort of thing we do but also have their own twist on produced comedy.

Kim Noble’s Prawn Facts
Kim Noble's Prawn FactsIf you’ve never entered Mr Kim Noble’s world, then prepare for a bizarre treat.  He reminds me of that awkward schoolboy that sat in the corner of the classroom and had pockets full of marbles and snot all over his face.  A misfit that never really managed to develop his social skills at the same rate as everyone else.  Of course, this could be an elaborate cover and he may be the life and soul fo the party in real life.  His Prawn Facts podcast, of which there are currently seven episodes available, take the form of an investigative journalism approach to a theme or subject and are forged from phonecalls, vox pops and monologues that circle around and back to where they began.  An entertaining and creative listen.  Follow him on twitter too for photos and commentry of him surreptitiously touching things in public without their owner knowing.

FISTBUMPIN’ with Flat 29
FISTBUMPIN' with Flat 29Imagine a trio of performing arts graduates who specialise in music and sound and have a bit of time on their hands.  Sounds like it could be awful, but FISTBUMPIN’ (for they use capitals themselves) with Flat 29 is a delight.  It’s a composition of sketches and music of their own creation and the closest thing we’ve found to 4amcab so far.  Of course, they are very talented musicians and we can barely play the triangle (even if Rachel holds the hitty part) so they’ve got a great additional element to what they do.  They are clearly good friends too and the inclusion of an occassional outtake, left in for comedy value, is perfectly judged.  They are also on twitter too, so follow them for more details of their stuff as and when.  Should also mention they also have an album which, rather generously, they allow you to listen for free on their website.

 If you do go and listen to either or both podcasts, tell them that @4amcab sent you ;-)


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S1Ep4: Hainault?

Martin has been burning the candle at both ends, then taking a blow-torch to the middle just for good measure.

Falling asleep on a night bus to Hainault, he finds himself stranded and alone at 4am. His cries for help appear to have been answered when a cab pulls up and offers to take him home. Until the cabbie finds out where home is.

Will our hero make it to Clapham?

Meanwhile, speaking of ham… Charlie has found a gold-ham ticket to Billy Bonka’s magical abattoir, the rapture breaks out in North London, Flatsy take to the silver screen and Callam is fighting to keep THE SHIRT ON HIS BACK!

Join us for another nocturnal adventure in the 4amcab.

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A good week

Here in the 4amcab bunker we’ve had a busy week writing, re-writing and honing scripts for episode 4. It’s been a great week for submissions too. We’ve had loads of ideas and scripts come in, and we’ve been tweaking away to get as many of them in as we can.

We’ve seen our 3,000th download, the top spot in the iTunes comedy ‘new and noteworthy’ section and we’re now bobbing up and down the comedy podcast chart as well.

We’ve also been featured in the Succotash podcast, so thanks to Marc at Succotash for that. Thanks to YOU for following our progress, particularly if you’ve submitted scripts to us. We can’t use everything, but you will be credited if we use your stuff, even if we’ve made changes.

If you’d like to help us out, please subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and write a review. There is a strange and magical iTunes algorithm (which only Bob at iTunes knows) and although we can’t fathom out what it is, we’re pretty sure it depends upon numbers of downloads, subscriptions and reviews. Click here to do that for us.

More news on the forthcoming episode 4 soon, and as always if you have any requests, let us know!

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New and Noteworthy

Morning 4amcabbers,

We’re three episodes and 2,500 downloads into the 4amcab project and we’re now in the top 4 new and noteworthy comedy podcasts on iTunes. Here we are hanging out with Scott Mills, Radio 4 and The Weak Crave on the comedy homepage.

We could be busted back down to 20th by lunchtime, so we grabbed a picture.  As one of our new contributors (the brilliant @kerihw) would say, they can’t take it away now.

Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed, rated, reviewed, RT’d and generally supported us, we bloody love you guys more than a brand new, glossy copy of OMFG magazine (January 2013 edition out now!)

In other news, episode 4 is on the way. The script is being hammered into shape by our script editor and we are still very much open to submissions. Have a listen to episodes 1, 2 and 3, and then read our ‘write for 4amcab‘ guide and you’ll be away.

Leave us a comment letting us know what you think of the series so far, what you want to hear more/less of and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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What our listeners say about us

Brilliant! *****
Love this! Sounds like no other podcast. The actors are great and the writing is funny.

Nefarious nocturnal matters *****
I love this brilliantly produced podcast. It’s like Monkey Dust for the iPhone generation.

All clubbers must listen to this! *****
Highly recommended to those who have stayed out til all hours of the morning.

Yes we cab! *****
Splendidly produced and mixed sounds of somewhere at 4am, topped off with some cracking joke-writing. Reminiscent of Chris Morris’s Blue Jam.

Superb *****
A fabulous podcast. Brilliant performances and superbly produced. Listen and you’ll be hooked for sure.

And the lovely David Salisbury has even blogged about us.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed the first three episodes. Please take a moment to click here and write us a review. If you don’t have time to construct sentences, simply give us a star rating.  Believe it or not, the more reviews and ratings we get, the more people will find us on iTunes, it’s a funny old world.

Thank you kindly.


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Episode 1 Coming Soon

The alarm goes off.  You fall out of bed and somehow land in your clothes.

Whilst most normal people are still asleep, the wheels of creativity are turning.

Episode 1 is in production and should be arriving ten minutes after you were expecting it but annoyingly just in enough time to get you to work without missing your first appointment.

En Route to pick up

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