S2Ep6: Quit Playing Games

Dave is now online.  Reloading and flanking his way through life, Dave is not getting very far, despite his best mate Jason offering gameplay advice.  Dave needs to get out more but there’s only one person that can make the change.

Meanwhile, Svetlana is attending Olga’s wedding where a surprise guest arrives.  Mairead has a new show with added audience participation, Gary is talking to his fridge and we reveal the next big change in 24 hour news.

4amcab revs up for it’s thrilling series 2 climax… before breaking down, being towed away and then broken up for it’s parts.

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S2Ep5: Waaaahhhh!

The birds and bees are still asleep but Lisa is feeling the pressure, literally.  Mike is in denial about becoming a father, which is not what the situation calls for, so he’s put in charge of organising a cab to the hospital.  That’s going to go well then.

Meanwhile, Svetlana has all but given up on love and Derek & Merrick take to the skies.  We launch a brand new make over show, Changing You with Marcelle & Dave and learn what it’s really like to be a professional Voice Over Voice Over-er.  And if you’ve ever wanted to quit smoking, we have just the product for you.

Another installment of 4amcab comes kicking and screaming into the world.

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S2Ep4: Spudmarine

Time: 0400 hours
Location: Onboard a high tech, high spec, military stealth submarine, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
Mission: Classified
Additional: Woof!

Elsewhere, Svetlana has invited her new man to meet her Mother, but things are not going to plan. Derek and Merrick the (Bi) bipolar (Polar?) bears continue their adventures and there’s a tense stand off.

PLUS! 4am products for you this week: A must-read magazine for new parents and also an upgrade for life itself.

Your 4amcab awaits, just.

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S2Ep3: Paper Cut

One year ago, Graham and Samantha got married.  As an anniversary treat, Graham has whisked his darling wife on a secret weekend away, only she’s probably not going to be as excited when she finds out what they’re doing.  There are a lot of surprises in store, so just maybe Graham can put this one out of the bag, or something?!

There’s some good news for Svetlana as her search for love shows signs of turning around.  We’ve developed a solution for our follically challenged listeners and we offer a chance for you to even out the playing field for your smug “friends”.  And we’re dead thrilled that we’ve got an exclusive interview with an up and coming band.

AND, has Derek met his match?

Strap in for another ride in the 4amcab.

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S2Ep2: Stake Out

The heat is on.  Outside Becky and Steve’s house the police lie in wait for the climax of Operation Smokin’  but all is not quite as they suspect. Will Becky and Steve get away with their ‘project’ in the loft?

Meanwhile, Svetlana has some wonderful news but it’s not helping her search for true love.  We launch 4amAnswers, the internet service you never realised you needed, someone’s in the market for a new laptop and there’s an opportunity to get your hands on a tableware design classic.

Suck it up, it’s a brand new 4amcab adventure.

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Interview: Rachel Sambrooks

One of our new writers for the second series is Rachel Sambrooks.  She sent us several sketches during our submission window but it was one in particular that we just had to use.  We asked her a few questions and she answered them:

4amcab: Hi
Rachel Sambrooks: Hello you

4amcab: Thanks for submitting material to us for our second series.
RS: Thanks for including it.

: So who are you?

RS: I am a writer, performer and teacher, so I do freelance projects related
to theatre/radio etc. I’ve had funding for projects and writing and done
stand up but I’m concentrating on writing at the moment. I’m also a mother
of two and carer for my feisty, cheeky but language disordered (it’s a
disability thing) youngest.

: We loved the idea of a Russian girl sending out emails to try find

love.  How did you come up with the idea?
RS: I received a series of spam emails from supposed Russian beauties who
sounded like they knew me, even though it was obviously made up. It made me
laugh and I wondered what would it be like if they were real. I wrote a
draft sketch and ideas and thought it might fit the tone of the 4amcab

: We’ve asked you to write a story arc for the characters of

Svetlana and to introduce other people in her life.  How did you
approach the challenge?
RS: I had already imagined her living in a house share of lovelorn lovelies
so after you suggested building a narrative and gave me some great ideas
(thanks) I expanded on that and tried to include the funniest email scams I
had received. It’s a nice way to use the stupid dross you get without just
blatantly saying ‘look at this scam isn’t it stupid’.

: Finally, where else can we hear your words?

RS: I’m just in the process of setting up a website and I’ll be putting my
stuff up on there. You can also follow me on twitter: @labellaraquella.
If anyone does like what they hear, please contact me if you have any
writing work! (Worth a try even in an interview, isn’t it?)

: Thanks again for writing for us

RS: Thanks so much for having me!

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S2Ep1: Writers Room

It’s 4am. Two professors are putting their over-developed minds to the ultimate test, a funding application presentation due in 5 hours.  Professor Ogleby has lost her pink highlighter, while her colleague Professor Lubach has imbibed too many stimulants and is now no use to anyone. Will they get the report finished in time?

Meanwhile, we glimpse the lives of Olga and Svetlana, two 22 year old Russian beauties looking for love, we almost discover the meaning of life, PLUS! a new idea for parents wanting to let their kids play out.

All aboard for another thrilling ride on the 4amcab.

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