S2Ep6: Quit Playing Games

Dave is now online.  Reloading and flanking his way through life, Dave is not getting very far, despite his best mate Jason offering gameplay advice.  Dave needs to get out more but there’s only one person that can make the change.

Meanwhile, Svetlana is attending Olga’s wedding where a surprise guest arrives.  Mairead has a new show with added audience participation, Gary is talking to his fridge and we reveal the next big change in 24 hour news.

4amcab revs up for it’s thrilling series 2 climax… before breaking down, being towed away and then broken up for it’s parts.

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Interview: Chris Baker

Here at 4amcab, we are very lucky to have a talented crop of actors that work tirelessly to make the show sound totally awesome.  Our longest serving “thesp” comes in the shape of Chris Baker.  He’s been with us since the very first episode, and boy, hasn’t he grown!  We complied some questions, tied him to a table and forced him to answer them:

Chris in Roberto Zucco

4amcab: Thanks for putting up with our silly show for so long.
CB: A pleasure – Where else could I be a Bi Polar Bear or a Glaswegian Woman in the space of 5 minutes?  Outside of WoW

4amcab: So who are you?
CB: I’m Chris, mostly… I’m an incredibly shy extrovert, I’m constantly acting up but it makes me really really nervous!?!

4amcab: It’s fair to say that you are a natural performer but who is your favourite character to play from the show and why?
CB: Without a doubt Derek, I love letting loose after he pops his pills, in fact the crazier the part the better.

4amcab: How did you first get into acting and what was your first (or favourite) part?
CB: I’ve always been exposed to acting starting with school plays.  I was always the bad guy, actually that’s not true I was also a tree once.  My Uncle was in footlights and my Aunt is Wizadora – still can’t watch it without bleeding from the eyes.  And I studied Philosophy & Drama at University  – I can argue any point and still look like I mean it.  I guess it was Uni where I realised how much I enjoyed acting and realised I might not be that terrible.  The cheap booze really helps with anxiety issues!!!.  My favourite acting experience came from playing Dr Frank-N-Furter in a production of the Rocky Horror Show at Wall Hall students union.  It was insanely low rent, practically just karaoke with an audience, but I loved every second of it.

4amcab: Finally, where else can we see or hear your work?
CB: This week I’m at the Maltings Theatre, St Albans, playing Roberto Zucco in a show entitled Roberto Zucco, being performed by Breakaway Theatre Company (really enjoying the Psycho roles at the moment ;-)). I want to write a Sci-Fi for the stage, it’s in my head but I’ve just got to sit down and get on with it, and there are some rumblings about me directing an original piece for Breakaway.

4amcab: Thanks again for being in the show.
CB: Piss Wizard

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S1Ep6: Ghosts

The last 4amcab of Series 1. Or is it?

Sarah and Steve have a hot tip off.  They head to a secret location in the hope of spotting a real life ghost hunter.  Will they find their target?  Will they get that 12 part TV series?  Will Steve grow a pair?

Meanwhile, the 4amcab Pathology lab have a double homicide to deal with, Derek is off to save a tabby cat in a tricky spot and Mairead continues to rebuild her life after that messy divorce from ex-husband Martin.

In and amongst we have the usual selection of 4am ads, offers, scams and backwater cable channels for your delectation.

The last 4amcab (penultimate, really – watch this space) is here.

Would anybody ‘like’ a sandwich?

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