Glowing Praise

It’s August, traditionally the month for all those with any connection to comedy to shout and retweet all the praise from their Edinburgh shows. Well, 4am CAB hasn’t made it to the festival (Lee is going as a punter on Tuesday – watch twitter for updates) but we’ve received a wonderful review regardless.

I’ve been a follower of since they began over a year ago. They have taken on the enormous (and probably endless) task of finding the very best from the world of podcasts and sharing them with the real world. Over the last year, we’ve been mentioned on their website numerous times, not least since Series 3 began when we’ve found ourselves part of their weekly highlights.

Well, this week we’ve been honoured by a full review, and a brilliant review it is:

“…to say that it is a comedy sketch show somehow doesn’t feel enough. You wouldn’t know that this wasn’t a commercially available programme – there are multiple actors, extremely high production values, and an excellent standard of writing.”

Not bad eh? Well, it goes on…

“…the whole thing is a consistent quality of audio production – music mixed with sound effects, vocal treatments etc. There is an (almost) anything goes approach to the tone of the show, it can veer into some dark territory sometimes but skillfully never oversteps the mark.”

I know! You can read the full review here and while you’re there check out some of the other recommendations too, covering all genres, not just comedy.

So, thank you very much to for their continued support. It’s great to know that people enjoy the show and understand exactly what, and why, we’re doing what we do. I think I’ll leave the last word to them:

“…currently on series 3, and as the main driving force Lee Wilson claims to have been made a nervous wreck due to the pressures of producing this show, a) you owe it to him to listen to it if you haven’t yet, and b) he needn’t be a nervous wreck as the show is very funny, I wish there were more like it!”

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Good Podcasts

cropped-profile_photo1We really ought to have mentioned this news a little while back but Rachel and I are really terrible at blowing trumpets, most of all our own.  In fact, we don’t even have any trumpets.  I once tried to teach myself how to play the saxophone but it never really worked out.

Where was I… oh yeah, trumpets.

We really like our show and we do it ‘cos we get a lot out of it and we love to make it, so it’s really great to get feedback that other people like it too.  

Scott Lamond has a website which is aiming to chronicle all the best podcasts out there and he kindly has placed us on his list of Comedy shows.  Head over to and you can see what he says about us.

If you’re a fan too and you want to tell the world, then the best way to do that is to click on either of the two iTunes links from the home page and write a glowing (or not) review of the show.

Right, we’re off to buy some trumpets.

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