Series 3 Tease

4am CAB returns on the 15th July 2014 with Series 3.

Ian has commissioned an advert to tell you all about the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau, or 4am CAB as it’s know in the industry.  The Voice Over guy has an attitude but thankfully there’s a spare hanging around.  Ian thinks it’s a good idea to be in the advert himself.

We’re gearing up for the new series, what could go wrong?!

Episode 1 is almost here.



too quiet (piano) by oldDog is licenced under Attribution (3.0)
Drive by Alex featuring cdk & Darryl J is licenced under Attribution (3.0)

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Series 3 – update

Happy New Year to you all.  Has the hangover passed?  Good.  Well, hopefully this is a timely update as maybe you won’t have given up on all your resolutions yet, particularly if they involve writing sketches.

We are beginning to think about Series three of 4amcab.  At this early stage I don’t have any details to share other than it will be the same format as before: six episodes (and a secret Christmas Special, shhh!), made up of a story and sketches.  There will be a submisison window for anyone wishing to send us their work which will open in February.  This time we will be asking for sketches on a theme for each episode.  Follow us on twitter to get the updates as and when they are released.

In other news, we are working on two other comedy projects which will come under the 4amcab banner but which will be more of a departure from what we’ve done before.  Again, no real details at the moment but Rachel will be spearheading one and Lee will be doing the other one.

Finally, I’m thrilled to say that all of our actors will be joining us for Series three, with the exception of Chris Luck.  Chris has been with us since the very first episode but he is very busy running a pub full time, so he’s not able to be a regular performer.  One of my favourite sketches to record and to listen back to is the Dentist sketch from Series 1 episode 1, where Chris plays an oil drilling orthodontist, check it out here.  Thanks go out to Chris for being a great member of the team, hopefully we can entice him out of the pub in the future.

chris luck

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Hello Stranger!

Hi there, how are you?  It feels like ages since we last saw you, haven’t you grown?!

So, the 4amcab podcast has been on a bit of a post series break but the good news is that we’ve been grinding out one last script ready to round off Series 2.  The Christmas Special is written, it gets recorded on Saturday and it will be ready to download on Wednesday 18th December.  Hurrah!

It’ll be the final episode of the series but not the last you’ll hear from us.  Rachel and I have had our first “What the flip do we do next?” meeting and once the Christmas Hangover has properly kicked in we’ll be detoxing and banging our heads against a wall repeatedly until something new comes out.  It may be Series 3, it may be a panel gameshow for snails, at this moment we have no idea.  Like I said, though, we’re not done yet.


In the meantime, sit back, set the alarm clock for 4am on 18th December and relax while we work hard in the background to bring you the conclusion of 4amcab 2.

It’s really good to see you again.  We’ve really missed you.

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Happy Birthday to Us!

On this day, one year ago, 4amcab was born.

Happy Birthday to us

Kicking and screaming we registered the website and began work on what has turned out to be a really fun project, working with lots of very talented and hilarious people.  We are now offically one year old, so in terms of our development we’re on solids and getting ready to walk and dribbling all over the place.

When we started 4amcab, we didn’t know what it was going to sound like, whether it would survive more than one episode or if we’d even be able to find the time to develop it into something that people would want to listen to.  One year later, we’ve had press coverage, topped the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes, have our very own company of lovely actors and a network of fantastic writers that are keen to get their work heard.  We were even voted 13th best podcast in the UK!  Next year we’re aiming for the top ten.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragment, this is just the beginning so stick with us as we have some exciting plans afoot.

We announced on twitter yesterday that we will be recording the first episode of Series 2 on Monday 22nd April and in the next few days we should be able to tell you more about series two, as always follow us on twitter to get updates.

We’re off to get some cake.

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Really Exciting Update (really?!)

UpdateThe 4amcab tech elves (erm, that’ll be me then) are working hard in the background of the website this month to make things run a bit smoother for series two.  In the past we’ve suffered from the website being a little bit unreliable meaning that sometimes you weren’t able to access the latest episode.  We are making improvements that, although might not be visible on the site, should mean we have a better service when the new stuff comes out.  What do you mean that’s not a very exciting update?!

So, if over the next month you come here and can’t read anything, rather than it just being one of my mispelt posts (!), it’ll probably just be down to site maintenance.

To keep up with other really exciting updates, ahem, follow us on twitter.

(This message was approved by Rachel Wheeley)

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