4amcab goes 2D

A little while ago we asked if anyone fancied animating one of our sketches. We were blown away when the brilliant Mike Kelley of kelleytoons sent us an email to say he’d only gone and flippin’ created this gorgeous cartoon for our ‘Phone virus’ sketch (from Ep 5) Thank you Mike!

And if that weren’t exciting enough, Episode 6 is out now!

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S1Ep5: Doctored

Just another regular night shift at St Joan’s. Dr Whom and Nurse Fielding are attempting to answer that existential question: where can you get a decent meal at 4am?

Clive is conducting another of his ‘urban twitches’, Baz and Terry engage in conversation, and Dave goes to see his doctor with a bad headache.

Meanwhile, we take a trip to the Forest of Codeine to see if Derek can save Deborah the Zebra (she is a Zebra, right?) and Dave goes to see his Doctor with a bad headache.

It’s time for another ride in the 4amcab.

Oh, and Mairead has a date. Watch out.


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