S2Ep7: Christmas Special

The studio is booked and the actors are primed, everything is set for the final curtain (is there a curtain in podcasting?!)  The only problem is, well, Lee.  He’s not turned up.  What will the gang do if Lee doesn’t show?  Why is there no script?  And is Rachel real?  There’s only one way to find out.

Meanwhile, Gary is settling down to open the Christmas presents he’s bought himself, Helen is talking to herself and Facebook have a brand new app to get you in the spirit.  And there’s a half written sketch about stuffing too.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Almost done

On Saturday 30th November, the 4amcab team assembled for the last time this year and recorded the final episode of the current series.  It’s been so much fun to work with all our brilliantly talented actors, that I just wanted to acknowledge them all in white and black, for giving up their time to do our silly little show.christmasrecChris B, Anna, Will, Helen, Chris L, Jo and Dan have been fantastic and always up for trying out our crazy sketches, even when they are just that little bit too rude (sorry Anna & Will in particular!). 

Once the final episode is released into the wilderness and we’ve had time to recover from all the festivites we will begin working on the next stage of 4amcab’s existence (whatever that is?) and Rachel and I certainly hope that all our actors will join us again for the ride.  I’m fairly confident that they will, as they get to go to the pub afterwards!christmaspub

The final episode of Series 2 will be released on Wednesday 18th December, just in time to get you in the Christmas Spirit.

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Hello Stranger!

Hi there, how are you?  It feels like ages since we last saw you, haven’t you grown?!

So, the 4amcab podcast has been on a bit of a post series break but the good news is that we’ve been grinding out one last script ready to round off Series 2.  The Christmas Special is written, it gets recorded on Saturday and it will be ready to download on Wednesday 18th December.  Hurrah!

It’ll be the final episode of the series but not the last you’ll hear from us.  Rachel and I have had our first “What the flip do we do next?” meeting and once the Christmas Hangover has properly kicked in we’ll be detoxing and banging our heads against a wall repeatedly until something new comes out.  It may be Series 3, it may be a panel gameshow for snails, at this moment we have no idea.  Like I said, though, we’re not done yet.


In the meantime, sit back, set the alarm clock for 4am on 18th December and relax while we work hard in the background to bring you the conclusion of 4amcab 2.

It’s really good to see you again.  We’ve really missed you.

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New Series Taking Shape

I should really be redrafting the script for S2:E1 right now but I’m getting so excited to be returning to the studio that I just had to share it with you. 

After what can only be described from the outside as a MASSIVE BREAK (honestly, we have been working hard in the background) we are almost ready for our second coming.  Rachel and I have read through all the submissions and we’ve made a nice sized pile of ones that are suitable (or will be with a rewrite).  So far we’ve contacted three writers for the first episode and we’ll be in touch with more as we pull together the rest of the series.

Ready for a big announcement?  Of course you are.  Our plan is to release each episode in series 2 on the following dates:

Episode 1 – 1st May 2013
Episode 2 – 1st June 2013
Episode 3 – 1st July 2013
Episode 4 – 1st August 2013
Episode 5 – 1st September 2013
Episode 6 – 1st October 2013
(Secret and previously unannounced) Christmas Special – Just before Christmas ;-)

Imaginitve, eh?  So put the dates in your diary (they’re probably already there, you just need to add the event).

We hope you’re as excited as we are and we’ll be asking for your help to spread the word just as soon as we’re ready to release the next installment.

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Video Extra: Behind The Scenes

When we recorded the Christmas Special of 4amcab way back in December of last year, we decided it might be a nice extra treat to do a bit of behind the scenes filming.  I took along a camera phone and did my best in amongst directing and recording the episode.  So, join us in a back room in the basement of the Alban Arena in St Albans to see how the show is put together.  Included in the vodcast, for that’s what a podcast with pictures is called, we’ll see the actors running through some of the scenes and also hear the final mix that was included in the series finale.

The real reason we all do this, though, is to have an excuse to go down the pub, so we did a bit of filming over a pint or two afterwards.  A big thanks to Chris Baker, Chris Luck, Anna MacLeod Franklin, Will Franklin, Jo Emery, Dan Warren and Helen Miller for not only being flippin’ brilliant in the show but also for agreeing to let me film them without giving any notice whatsoever.

News about Series Two of 4amcab will emerge shortly but in the meantime, here’s a look at some of the faces behind the characters from the show.  Enjoy.

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S1Ep7: Christmas Special

Ding Dong Misery on High!

It’s Christmas in the Forest of Codeine and Derek the Bi Polar Bear is not quite feeling the spirit.  That is until Santa gets into a bit of trouble with Rudolph (not that kind of trouble) and our unwilling hero is brought in to save Christmas.

Meanwhile, Mairead is feeling the Christmas blues, until a chance meeting with Derek shows her that Q Shop really would be a sadder place without her.

The climax to series one of 4amcab sees some of our favourite characters shoe horned in and old gags revisited, now with added jingle bells.

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Final Recording of 2012

Last night a select crack team of professional mercenaries gathered in a secret location (no, not Brighton actually!) and recorded the Series One Christmas Special of 4amcab.  When I say crack team, what I really mean is the usual bunch of scallywags that heard there’d be mince pies and a bottle of Cava, and as such they couldn’t resist.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the team that has worked on the project, from the actors to the writers and all the way up to the tea boy (there is no tea boy, must get one for Series Two).  I won’t list them by name here, that’s what the credits tab at the top of this page is for, but without them the show would have been very different and perhaps wouldn’t have even happened at all.  They were all brilliant and it’s been great working with them on what has turned out to be a very special project.  The one person I will mention by name is the tea girl, otherwise know as Rachel Wheeley.  She’s the tea girl in that she’s had a mug of tea grafted to her hand just so she has a drinking vessel available at every moment in the production.  Rachel is my co-creator and although I do the recording and mixing of the thing you actually hear, without her I wouldn’t have even got off the ground with the project – she was the one who first uttered the words “4amcab”.  Just when I feel like I can’t face another blinking cursor, she’ll send me a text/email which keeps me going.  This is a collaborative production and without Rachel’s incredible motivational powers it would have probably stayed in my head and not reached your ears.  Cheers Rach!

So, now I have the massive task of trying to get this final show of 2012 in the can before the season of joy has passed, let’s hope it don’t end in tears.  I’m expecting a text from Rachel kicking my butt any second…

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The Future

We have some disturbing news.

4amcab is shortly due to cease broadcasting (uploading?) in its current form.  We are going to fly in the face of what all commentators say and switch to producing a daily newspaper.  Print is the future.

Well, no.  We’re not.  What we are planning to do is have a break after the next episode to regain our composure, get some loose women in (I’ve got loads of episodes stored on my generic hard disc recording device) and take stock of where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to be.  We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved so far with 4amcab but we want to spend a little bit time seeing where we can improve.  We won’t be gone for long, the second series will be here before you know it.

Back to now though, Episode 6 is in pre production.  Thanks again to everyone that took the time to send us their work, we’re reading them all and trying to figure out how to use as many as we can.  So, the final episode of Series 1 ought to be up sometime at the beginning of November.

We shall return in the new year with a shiny more 4am show, so keep that subscription in place.  Oh, and we are toying with the idea of a Christmas Special, so make sure you don’t miss that too (so that means Ep 6 will be the penultimate show, right?).

In the meanwhile, follow us on twitter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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