Recording begins

Last night, after a lot of time spent in front of the blinking cursor of doom, we finally made it into the studio.  I say studio, it was Anna’s front room – thanks Anna!

Lee and Ian pose for a photo

Lee and Ian (not to be confused with Ironman)

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the two newest members of The 4amcab Company: Ian and CJ. 

When the first episode is released you may recognise Ian’s voice from a previous episode.  Ian was the main storyline character in S1Ep4 – Hainault?, playing a very tired Martin, who falls asleep on a night bus to Hainault and ends up robbing a petrol station.  Ian has ventured north, out of London, to join us for the whole of Series 3.

CJ and Ian look on, as Lee pretends to do some acting

CJ and Ian look on, as Lee pretends to do some acting

CJ is the other new member to join the merry band of 4amcab actors.  CJ has worked extensively in theatre, both behind the scenes and on the stage.  The first thing I asked her to do was speak in a Dutch accent and pretend to be on a porn shoot – as she didn’t run away, I think she’ll fit right in!

More details will be published soon on The 4amcab Company page.

So the first session is done, with more on the way.  Now the mamoth task of editing almost 4 hours of intensive 4amcab goodness begins.  We are very much on our way to Series 3.  Exciting, eh?

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Almost Ready…

It’s been somewhat quiet on the 4amcab website this year and that’s partly because of Rachel’s crazy plan.

Well, excuses aside, the gears have been turning and very soon you will start to see the fruit (mixed metaphors allowing).  I thought it might be interesting to share what has been going on and fill you in on the plan for the rest of the summer, with the forthcoming release of series 3.

This time around, I decided to try things a little bit differently.  With previous series we had found that the conveyor belt of writing, script editing, recording, editing and releasing (then starting all over again on the next episode) was a difficult one to maintain.  Something had to change to make the project more manageable.  I decided that for the third series I wanted everything to be written before I began the recording.  The good news is, that’s nearly done.

Right now, at time of writing this, there are just a handful of sketches to complete.  Next week I will be recording the first three episodes followed up with another recording session of the second half of the series.

So the big news is, I’ll release a short tease for the new series on 1st July and then two weeks later, on 15th July, the first episode will come out.  As all the writing and recording for the series will be in the bag, this means I’ll release the rest of the series weekly.  You’ll be able to hear all six episodes by the middle of August.  Phew!

CALENDARThe final bit of 4amcab news, for the moment, is that I’m hoping to have a few new voices on the show.  More on that shortly.

Set your podcatcher to stun* and get ready for the 1st July.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride**.



*automatic download
**no, it won’t

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Series 3 – update

Happy New Year to you all.  Has the hangover passed?  Good.  Well, hopefully this is a timely update as maybe you won’t have given up on all your resolutions yet, particularly if they involve writing sketches.

We are beginning to think about Series three of 4amcab.  At this early stage I don’t have any details to share other than it will be the same format as before: six episodes (and a secret Christmas Special, shhh!), made up of a story and sketches.  There will be a submisison window for anyone wishing to send us their work which will open in February.  This time we will be asking for sketches on a theme for each episode.  Follow us on twitter to get the updates as and when they are released.

In other news, we are working on two other comedy projects which will come under the 4amcab banner but which will be more of a departure from what we’ve done before.  Again, no real details at the moment but Rachel will be spearheading one and Lee will be doing the other one.

Finally, I’m thrilled to say that all of our actors will be joining us for Series three, with the exception of Chris Luck.  Chris has been with us since the very first episode but he is very busy running a pub full time, so he’s not able to be a regular performer.  One of my favourite sketches to record and to listen back to is the Dentist sketch from Series 1 episode 1, where Chris plays an oil drilling orthodontist, check it out here.  Thanks go out to Chris for being a great member of the team, hopefully we can entice him out of the pub in the future.

chris luck

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Almost done

On Saturday 30th November, the 4amcab team assembled for the last time this year and recorded the final episode of the current series.  It’s been so much fun to work with all our brilliantly talented actors, that I just wanted to acknowledge them all in white and black, for giving up their time to do our silly little show.christmasrecChris B, Anna, Will, Helen, Chris L, Jo and Dan have been fantastic and always up for trying out our crazy sketches, even when they are just that little bit too rude (sorry Anna & Will in particular!). 

Once the final episode is released into the wilderness and we’ve had time to recover from all the festivites we will begin working on the next stage of 4amcab’s existence (whatever that is?) and Rachel and I certainly hope that all our actors will join us again for the ride.  I’m fairly confident that they will, as they get to go to the pub afterwards!christmaspub

The final episode of Series 2 will be released on Wednesday 18th December, just in time to get you in the Christmas Spirit.

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Done and Dusted… for now!

And now, the end is near. And so I face the final curtain.

Well there are no curtains but, metaphorically, the final one has fallen on series one.  We’d just like to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back –



We’d also say a few thank you’s to all the wonderful people we’ve worked with on the project so far.  We’ve had nine writers, 16 actors, one animator and one Bi Polar Bear!  Not to mention 6,368 downloads of the whole project to date, which has far exceeded our humble expectations.  We’ve recorded in seven different locations, ranging from a proper studio and a converted church all the way to Lee’s garage and garden shed.

I hope you agree that we have come a long way from the start and that as we’ve gone along the episodes have improved in every way.  We are going to spend some of our time off looking at what has worked and come back with a bigger and better show in the New Year.

In the meantime, we are working on a Christmas Special (are we? – ed), so it’s not really the end.   Series Two will kick off once we’ve recovered from our Yuletide hangovers, so expect something in February.  We will continue to post stuff up on this website and we are quite active on Twitter too, oh and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook … we’ll even throw in a digital latte!

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