S3Ep1: Creatively Speaking

Welcome to the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau.  Brett is enduring a self-inflicted mid-twenties crisis, Cheryl is having a bakery emergency, Fleur just wants the coffee machine to work and all the while Ian is living in his own little world.  The 4am CAB is open for business, just.

Meanwhile, there’s a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions, the local constabulary is piloting a new identity concept, and there’s nothing but repeats on the radio.

4amCAB returns, just like it’s never been away.


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Recording begins

Last night, after a lot of time spent in front of the blinking cursor of doom, we finally made it into the studio.  I say studio, it was Anna’s front room – thanks Anna!

Lee and Ian pose for a photo

Lee and Ian (not to be confused with Ironman)

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the two newest members of The 4amcab Company: Ian and CJ. 

When the first episode is released you may recognise Ian’s voice from a previous episode.  Ian was the main storyline character in S1Ep4 – Hainault?, playing a very tired Martin, who falls asleep on a night bus to Hainault and ends up robbing a petrol station.  Ian has ventured north, out of London, to join us for the whole of Series 3.

CJ and Ian look on, as Lee pretends to do some acting

CJ and Ian look on, as Lee pretends to do some acting

CJ is the other new member to join the merry band of 4amcab actors.  CJ has worked extensively in theatre, both behind the scenes and on the stage.  The first thing I asked her to do was speak in a Dutch accent and pretend to be on a porn shoot – as she didn’t run away, I think she’ll fit right in!

More details will be published soon on The 4amcab Company page.

So the first session is done, with more on the way.  Now the mamoth task of editing almost 4 hours of intensive 4amcab goodness begins.  We are very much on our way to Series 3.  Exciting, eh?

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Almost Ready…

It’s been somewhat quiet on the 4amcab website this year and that’s partly because of Rachel’s crazy plan.

Well, excuses aside, the gears have been turning and very soon you will start to see the fruit (mixed metaphors allowing).  I thought it might be interesting to share what has been going on and fill you in on the plan for the rest of the summer, with the forthcoming release of series 3.

This time around, I decided to try things a little bit differently.  With previous series we had found that the conveyor belt of writing, script editing, recording, editing and releasing (then starting all over again on the next episode) was a difficult one to maintain.  Something had to change to make the project more manageable.  I decided that for the third series I wanted everything to be written before I began the recording.  The good news is, that’s nearly done.

Right now, at time of writing this, there are just a handful of sketches to complete.  Next week I will be recording the first three episodes followed up with another recording session of the second half of the series.

So the big news is, I’ll release a short tease for the new series on 1st July and then two weeks later, on 15th July, the first episode will come out.  As all the writing and recording for the series will be in the bag, this means I’ll release the rest of the series weekly.  You’ll be able to hear all six episodes by the middle of August.  Phew!

CALENDARThe final bit of 4amcab news, for the moment, is that I’m hoping to have a few new voices on the show.  More on that shortly.

Set your podcatcher to stun* and get ready for the 1st July.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride**.



*automatic download
**no, it won’t

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Thank You

Well, I’ve been blow away. 

When I opened the submission window on the 1st of February I was expecting only a handful of people to send in their ideas.  Boy, was I wrong!

I’ve literally just finished logging everything that’s been sent in and even with my basic maths I can count almost 200 sketches.  Thank you so much to everyone who has spent countless hours writing stuff for consideration, it is very much appreciated.  I’ve only managed to read about a tenth of what I’ve been sent so far but already I can see a few sketches that could work.  The inclusion of themes for series 3 really seems to have helped writers to focus their ideas and hopefully it will also make the episodes a bit more joined up… well maybe.

I aim to have read through everything over the next few weeks and so I’ll commit to letting everyone know if they’ve been successful by Tuesday 1st April.  This should put series 3 on track for the first episode being released in May, but I’m not going to put that in bold just yet.

1st April

For series 3, I plan to record more than I need and cut sketches that don’t work out in the recording which is a common policy on shows like the BBC’s Newsjack and The Show What You Wrote.  The idea with this is to be left with the strongest material whilst giving everything that I like a good chance.  Hopefully this also will encourage those that get recorded but not used that they are on the right path for the show.

So thanks once again for sending in your work, it’s good to know that people like 4amcab enough to spend their time submitting sketches.

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Series 3 Submission Window – OPEN!

The window for submitting your work for consideration for 4amcab Series 3 is now officially… open!


This time round we’re looking for lot’s of really short sketches so we can get as much into each episode as possible.  The other key difference is that we’re asking for sketches on a theme.  Each episode will have it’s own theme into which all the sketches will relate.  We will retain the central storyline concept too, so there’s opportunity to write a longer sitcom style story for each theme.

Those themes are as follows:

The End
and The Future

The deadline for entries is Sunday 2nd March 2014 at midnight.

Send your sketches into us at the usual email address: ideas@4amcab.com

More details can be found on the Write for 4amcab page of this website.

Good luck and get writing!

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Series 3 – update

Happy New Year to you all.  Has the hangover passed?  Good.  Well, hopefully this is a timely update as maybe you won’t have given up on all your resolutions yet, particularly if they involve writing sketches.

We are beginning to think about Series three of 4amcab.  At this early stage I don’t have any details to share other than it will be the same format as before: six episodes (and a secret Christmas Special, shhh!), made up of a story and sketches.  There will be a submisison window for anyone wishing to send us their work which will open in February.  This time we will be asking for sketches on a theme for each episode.  Follow us on twitter to get the updates as and when they are released.

In other news, we are working on two other comedy projects which will come under the 4amcab banner but which will be more of a departure from what we’ve done before.  Again, no real details at the moment but Rachel will be spearheading one and Lee will be doing the other one.

Finally, I’m thrilled to say that all of our actors will be joining us for Series three, with the exception of Chris Luck.  Chris has been with us since the very first episode but he is very busy running a pub full time, so he’s not able to be a regular performer.  One of my favourite sketches to record and to listen back to is the Dentist sketch from Series 1 episode 1, where Chris plays an oil drilling orthodontist, check it out here.  Thanks go out to Chris for being a great member of the team, hopefully we can entice him out of the pub in the future.

chris luck

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S2Ep7: Christmas Special

The studio is booked and the actors are primed, everything is set for the final curtain (is there a curtain in podcasting?!)  The only problem is, well, Lee.  He’s not turned up.  What will the gang do if Lee doesn’t show?  Why is there no script?  And is Rachel real?  There’s only one way to find out.

Meanwhile, Gary is settling down to open the Christmas presents he’s bought himself, Helen is talking to herself and Facebook have a brand new app to get you in the spirit.  And there’s a half written sketch about stuffing too.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Almost done

On Saturday 30th November, the 4amcab team assembled for the last time this year and recorded the final episode of the current series.  It’s been so much fun to work with all our brilliantly talented actors, that I just wanted to acknowledge them all in white and black, for giving up their time to do our silly little show.christmasrecChris B, Anna, Will, Helen, Chris L, Jo and Dan have been fantastic and always up for trying out our crazy sketches, even when they are just that little bit too rude (sorry Anna & Will in particular!). 

Once the final episode is released into the wilderness and we’ve had time to recover from all the festivites we will begin working on the next stage of 4amcab’s existence (whatever that is?) and Rachel and I certainly hope that all our actors will join us again for the ride.  I’m fairly confident that they will, as they get to go to the pub afterwards!christmaspub

The final episode of Series 2 will be released on Wednesday 18th December, just in time to get you in the Christmas Spirit.

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Hello Stranger!

Hi there, how are you?  It feels like ages since we last saw you, haven’t you grown?!

So, the 4amcab podcast has been on a bit of a post series break but the good news is that we’ve been grinding out one last script ready to round off Series 2.  The Christmas Special is written, it gets recorded on Saturday and it will be ready to download on Wednesday 18th December.  Hurrah!

It’ll be the final episode of the series but not the last you’ll hear from us.  Rachel and I have had our first “What the flip do we do next?” meeting and once the Christmas Hangover has properly kicked in we’ll be detoxing and banging our heads against a wall repeatedly until something new comes out.  It may be Series 3, it may be a panel gameshow for snails, at this moment we have no idea.  Like I said, though, we’re not done yet.


In the meantime, sit back, set the alarm clock for 4am on 18th December and relax while we work hard in the background to bring you the conclusion of 4amcab 2.

It’s really good to see you again.  We’ve really missed you.

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S2Ep6: Quit Playing Games

Dave is now online.  Reloading and flanking his way through life, Dave is not getting very far, despite his best mate Jason offering gameplay advice.  Dave needs to get out more but there’s only one person that can make the change.

Meanwhile, Svetlana is attending Olga’s wedding where a surprise guest arrives.  Mairead has a new show with added audience participation, Gary is talking to his fridge and we reveal the next big change in 24 hour news.

4amcab revs up for it’s thrilling series 2 climax… before breaking down, being towed away and then broken up for it’s parts.

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