Series 3

S3Ep1: Creatively Speaking
Welcome to the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau.  Brett is enduring a self-inflicted mid-twenties crisis, Cheryl is having a bakery emergency, Fleur just wants the coffee machine to work and all the while Ian is living in his own little world.  The 4am CAB is open for business, just.  More

S3Ep2: Puppy Love
Another day dawns on the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau.  New kid on the block, Martin, is very excited.  Today he joins the 4am CAB team – not that he’s getting paid though, much to his mothers annoyance.  It’s a dog eat dog food world out there.  More

S3Ep3: Work it Out
It’s very quiet at the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau today.  Cheryl calls in a favour from Martin who takes his new responsibilities very seriously.  With great power comes a great deal of arsing around, especially when the coffee machine is still knackered.  More…

S3Ep4: Classy
The 4am Creative Advertising Bureau have a new assignment.  The Japanese want to take an English delicacy and rebrand it.  Fleur and Martin are ready to take on the considerable challenge but Brett has been listening to chinese whispers. This could all go to pot if they’re not careful.  More…

S3Ep5: The Future?
Things are changing at the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau. Fleur is wide awake in the small hours and making cupcakes when she learns her future is uncertain.  Ian attempts some firefighting but it might be too late. Does this mean that Brett will have to fall back on being a Doctor?  Well, at least there are baked goods.  More…

S3Ep6: The End
Could this be the end of the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau?

Ian and our merry band of creatives have been called to the Chairman’s office, this can’t be good? Will the plug be pullled? Will they all be made to reapply for their jobs? Will the coffee machine ever get fixed? All may be revealed in this thrilling finale to series 3. Or something. More…

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