Credits – Ep5: The Future?

Ep5: The Future?
Written by Lee Wilson
With additional material by Ben Moore, Jamie McLeish, David Metcalf & Andrew Kirkwood, Dan Sweryt, Peter McGladdery, Stu Cooper and Matt Fishwick
Produced by Lee Wilson

Starring Anna MacLeod FranklinCJ DysonChris BakerLee WilsonWilliam FranklinHelen MillerIan Ward & Kathy Clugston

Out of Step by Ass Over Tea Kettle is licensed under CC0 (CC Zero)
When the Sky Turns Blue by BOCrew featuring Thedeepr / The Corner is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment) by J.Lang featuring Airtone is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
Blue Like Venus – I’m a Fool by KungFu is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
Borderline (Furious Apathy Mix) by Scomber featuring Brad Sucks is licensed under Attribution (3.0)

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