Credits – Ep1: Creatively Speaking

Ep1: Creatively Speaking
Written by Lee Wilson
With additional material by Judgement Dave, Kerris Kent & Phil Collinge
Produced by Lee Wilson

Starring Anna MacLeod Franklin, CJ Dyson, Chris BakerLee WilsonWilliam FranklinHelen Miller & Ian Ward

Out of Step by Ass Over Tea Kettle is licensed under CC0 (CC Zero)
The New Music by Alex featuring Spinningmerkaba is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
Subliminal Subterranean-Mix by dj_delta is licensed under Attribution
Ravine by Gurdonark is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba featuring Morusque, Jeris, CSoul, Alex Beroza is licensed under Attribution (3.0)
B Calm Violin Track by Dimitri Artemenko is licensed under Attribution
it’s a jazz thing by smilingcynic is licensed under Attribution (3.0)

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