4am CAB Episodes

Series 1
This is where it all started.

Chris James is going to the airport while Carol “Cazzer” Jenkins is just trying to find her bed.  Veronica’s dinner party is turning goulish and Martin finds himself caught up in a sticky situation.  The staff of St Joan’s are deserate for something to eat and the Ghost Hunter Hunters have a soul to save.  It’s all in a nights work for 4am CAB.  Just remember, do not mention man in trunk!

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Series 2

4am CAB continues.

Professor Olgleby and Professor Lubach are furiously working on a killer pitch while Becky and Steve feel the heat from a hungry force.  Samantha has her dreams of a romantic retreat shattered by Graham and deep beneath the surface, No 2 has to deal with a literal hot potato.  Lisa is fit to burst while Mike just needs another cup of tea.  Dave, meanwhile, has a serious problem and must trust himself to sort it out.

Series 2 is here.

Series 3

Welcome to the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau.

Meet Brett and Fleur, the two creative designers and their neurotic boss Ian.  Cheryl is the glue that bonds them all together and the new intern, Martin, is just hoping for a paid position.  Join our interpid team as they brave baking emergencies, dog food commercials, employees not turning up to work, rebranding briefs and an uncertain future.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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