Ep74 – The Smoking Brewery

Video killed the podcast sta… erm, unknown?

After the avalanche of positive feedback for Joking Around, The Video Years, here is the second (74th) installment.

Three gigs in the space of 5 days, does this mean I’m going in hard?  Or is it just an escape from real life?  Check out the next amazing episode of Joking Around to find out.

From the next episode, I shall not be vod/podcasting the video element on itunes.  What I propose to do is stick it all on the youtube channel and release an audio version on the podcast feed.  The reason for this is so it doesn’t gobble up all your data allowance and hog all your storage.  Does that make sense?  Bottom line is, you can listen to me the same as you always have via the podcast but if you want to see the footage, go to youtube.

Cool? Cool.

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