Ep59 – Not Nottingham, Geezer & Pizza

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Episode 59 – Not Nottingham, Geezer & Pizza
With the family away for a few nights, I have free reign to do whatever I want.  I had thought I’d gig as much as possible but things didn’t quite work out that way.  First up is a bit of analysis on last weeks gig at the ever wonderful Freedom Fridge.  Then a missed opportunity to do a proper gig with a road trip to boot.  I then do a new gig in the East End for Memoirs of a Geezer before checking out another new night in a pizza restaurant. There’s a brief post script regarding Comedy in the Yurt and I even find a bit of time to ponder some new material.  By the way, I’m now up to 84 gigs, so I’m zeroing in on the magic one hundred – that should happen in Edinburgh, if I can notch up a few more before the end of August.

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