Ep53 – 7 Years in the Making

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Joking Around – One man’s journey into stand up comedy, from page to stage and beyond.

Episode 53 – 7 Years in the Making
When I was seven years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do but I did have friends, so I was one step ahead of Lukas Graham.  Thankfully now that I’m considerably older than seven years old I’ve found something I love doing and Lukas Graham (unbeknownst to him) has helped me out a bit.  Welcome back to another episode of “Lee changes his mind about what he’s doing, again!” in which I decide to try a new set out… with hilarious… no, can’t write that even as a joke.  We join our hero as he jumps in his trusty gig-mobile and shoots off down the M1, to a brand new comedy night…


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