Ep48 – Hot and Cold

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Joking Around – One man’s journey into stand up comedy, from page to stage and beyond.

Episode 48 – Hot and Cold
Are my titles too cryptic?  Do you think that this time out I do two gigs (SPOILER: I do) and that one goes really well and the other goes quite badly?  Well, they both go fairly well actually, so that that theory blown out of the water, a bit like TNT, really.  I should also point out that I chat to someone who I totally forget to mention who it is, dur!  The eagle eared… no, I mean, bat eared… or, erm, those that can easily recognise voices, will spot that it’s friend of the show, Ian Ward.  Sorry Ian.  Does anyone actually read this description, or am I simply just ammusing myself?  Balls.


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