Ep41 – A Night at The Crown

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Episode 41 – A Night at The Crown
Joining me on the podcast this time is HRH Phil Hawksworth, AKA “The Hawk”  AKA “Dorksworth” (did you hear his tweet in Episode 38) AKA “Phil Pie-Face” (it’ll all become clear if you listen).  Recorded at the latest Comedy in the Crown night in St Albans, with me as MC and Phil as my stooge.  I have a lot of fun with news stories, despite no-one in the audience having heard, seen or read any news, possibly in their entire lives.  I also tell another joke that dies horribly, possibly even worse than the last time I was at The Crown – and no, there’s no way I’m publishing it on the internet, you’ll just have to buy me a pint and prise it out of me that way.  Listen out for a snippet of Phil’s set and also some of Rachel’s too, with kind permission (I actually asked her for this before I used it – eh, Rach!)


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