Ep21 – The Others

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Episode 21 – The Others
It’s not all about me.  Well, this podcast usually is, but this week I’m talking to other new stand ups about their experiences so far.  You’ll hear Rachel Wheeley talk of how many gigs she’s done (it’s eight, that’s 8, okay EIGHT) whilst at the same time her kids try their level best to disrupt her journey, mainly using Lego.  Also, I reveal – well more than just reveal, you’ll get to hear him (and one of his jokes) – the newest stand up on the London stage!  Don’t click that link or it’ll give away the surprise…

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One thought on “Ep21 – The Others

  1. That was the best first ever gig micro snippet I have EVER heard!!
    That man will go a long way!
    All the very best,
    (Phil’s older brother.)

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