S3Ep5: The Future?

Things are changing at the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau.

Fleur is wide awake in the small hours and making cupcakes when she learns her future is uncertain.  Ian attempts some firefighting but it might be too late. Does this mean that Brett will have to fall back on being a Doctor?  Well, at least there are baked goods.

Meanwhile in the future, Chris is getting lost, Dez & Charlie are finishing each other’s sentences, Sharkov and Chang may (or may not) have developed the greatest achievement of mankind and Steven Frost has woken from a very long sleep and is feeling a bit woozy.

Roll up, roll up get your fags and tech products here. It’s time to go back to the generic MP3 device for the penultimate episode of Series 3 (not including the Christmas Special – if we decide to do one.)

Oooh, would you close that door, there’s a terrible stink coming in!?


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