S3Ep3: Work It Out

It’s very quiet at the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau today.

Cheryl calls in a favour from Martin who takes his new responsibilities very seriously.  With great power comes a great deal of arsing around, especially when the coffee machine is still knackered.  Meanwhile, Brett has lost his passport, Fleur has lost the plot and Ian has lost the thing he finds most precious.  Oh and what do you think of when you hear Turkey Timeshare?

We have an extremely limited range of actors for hire, we eavesdrop on a couple of unconventional interviews and all the while James is struggling to pick up his daily perk me up.   Also, if they can get their act together, The Mob might just have the answer to all their problems.

4am CAB dusts off it’s best suit and joins the sweaty commute for the third episode of Series 3

Oh, and watch out for Nigel.


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