Series 3 Submission Window – OPEN!

The window for submitting your work for consideration for 4amcab Series 3 is now officially… open!


This time round we’re looking for lot’s of really short sketches so we can get as much into each episode as possible.  The other key difference is that we’re asking for sketches on a theme.  Each episode will have it’s own theme into which all the sketches will relate.  We will retain the central storyline concept too, so there’s opportunity to write a longer sitcom style story for each theme.

Those themes are as follows:

The End
and The Future

The deadline for entries is Sunday 2nd March 2014 at midnight.

Send your sketches into us at the usual email address:

More details can be found on the Write for 4amcab page of this website.

Good luck and get writing!

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