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cropped-profile_photo1We really ought to have mentioned this news a little while back but Rachel and I are really terrible at blowing trumpets, most of all our own.  In fact, we don’t even have any trumpets.  I once tried to teach myself how to play the saxophone but it never really worked out.

Where was I… oh yeah, trumpets.

We really like our show and we do it ‘cos we get a lot out of it and we love to make it, so it’s really great to get feedback that other people like it too.  

Scott Lamond has a website which is aiming to chronicle all the best podcasts out there and he kindly has placed us on his list of Comedy shows.  Head over to and you can see what he says about us.

If you’re a fan too and you want to tell the world, then the best way to do that is to click on either of the two iTunes links from the home page and write a glowing (or not) review of the show.

Right, we’re off to buy some trumpets.

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