4amcab Edinburgh Fringe tour 2013 – Day 1


This is venue number 33, the Pleasance courtyard. I could quite happily just put a tent up in the middle of the square and spend August popping in and out to shows all day, every day.

But then my eyes would eventually start bleeding, and that would be bad for all concerned.

So today I saw some amazing stuff. Max and Ivan were amazing, totally cohesive sketch comedy full of great characters and subtle observational dialogue.

Doc Brown was angry, eloquent and trying to find his way through the phase of his life where he’s left rap behind and is moving onto adult things. Sorry, grown up things.

Then the late night cabaret featured the brilliantly surreal Tony Law and Benny Boot. Both utterly joyous.

Lots of stuff to think about for the podcast, Lee will be getting an earful when I get back to London.

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One thought on “4amcab Edinburgh Fringe tour 2013 – Day 1

  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast up there, I’m already planning my trip for next year… Looking forward to your full report on my desk at 9am on Monday morning.

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